Electric Car Charger Systems Available to Residents in the San Jose, CA, Area

Electric Car Charger San Jose, CA

If you’ve recently exchanged your vehicle for an electric car, it’s likely that you are fully aware of your impact on the environment and are actively doing your part to curtail the threat of climate change. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an increasingly popular investment for residents in San Jose and other cities across the nation, as are the innovative ways in which they can be charged. At Infinium Solar, we source premium electric car charger ports from SolarEdge – a pioneer in EV charging single-phase inverters. And, as one of the leading full-service residential and commercial solar installers and distributors in California, we are the professionals you can count on to deliver the latest and greatest solar technologies to your home or business.

The World’s First EV Charging Inverter for Your Residence

Landowners now have access to convenient and fast electric car charger ports for their residences or businesses thanks to SolarEdge’s EV charging single-phase inverter. The experts at Infinium Solar offer this innovative EV charger because it combines the power of a standard photovoltaic (PV) converter with the convenience of a standalone EV charging station. This, in turn, provides residents and business owners with a safer, easier, and more efficient EV charging alternative for their properties. Other advantages of this electric car charger include:

  • The ability to combine solar and grid power energy, increasing charging time up to six times more than standard Level 1 EV chargers
  • A faster and more affordable installation when compared to traditional units that require two separate systems to be installed – an EV charging station and PV inverter
  • A built-in energy meter that enables you to track the EV power usage
  • An integrated design that includes a power inverter, rather than an additional circuit breaker, to save space and avoid replacements for the main distribution panel

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of this innovative electric car charger port, contact Infinium Solar today. We proudly serve the San Jose area.

“We received quotation from four company when we started looking for a solar system. Infinium Solar had the best price and we were able to get the LG solar panels and Solar Edge inverter that we wanted. They installed the system in less than a month from the day we signed the contract and there installation team did a very clean job. Highly recommended.”

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“These guys are great! Mike truly helped me out make decisions on which system was best for my application. Their systems engineer created my build plans so everything went smoothly with the building dept., plus the engineered build plans were done quickly and super reasonably priced. Cannot recommend anyone more highly than these guys!”