Solar Panel Battery Systems Can Help San Jose, CA, Residents Optimize Their PV Systems

Solar Panel Battery San Jose, CA

Rather than feeding your unused solar energy back into the electricity grid, opt for a solar panel battery system. These innovative storage solutions optimize the performance of solar panel systems by storing excess power for later use. At Infinium Solar, we can install backup battery storage with any of our systems. When you’re ready to implement residential solar panels, commercial solar panels, solar carport panels, or electric vehicle (EV) charging ports to your San Jose home or commercial property, we are the experts you can turn to for expert installation and knowledgeable service.

Popular Uses for Solar Panel Battery Storage Systems

If you’re ready to further reduce your carbon footprint, investing in a solar panel battery unit is the way to go. These systems can be installed with virtually any photovoltaic (PV) system from Infinium Solar, helping you reserve energy for:

  • Cloudy days wherein sunlight is limited
  • Power outages caused by severe weather and, occasionally, rolling blackouts
  • Nighttime usage during “phased power shifting” when energy prices are at their peak

In short, with solar batteries, you have the ability to maximize the energy generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. That way, during the times when your solar gain is not reaching the necessary levels to produce usable electricity for your property, you can continue to benefit from the energy you have stored.

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Infinium Solar has a wide selection of PV systems for residents and commercial property owners alike. We also provide a comprehensive inspection and design process to ensure that your property is equipped with a system that is perfectly suitable for your lifestyle. With a knowledgeable team of installers and solar specialists, our company is prepared to equip your San Jose property with the PV and solar panel battery systems you need. Contact us today!

“We received quotation from four company when we started looking for a solar system. Infinium Solar had the best price and we were able to get the LG solar panels and Solar Edge inverter that we wanted. They installed the system in less than a month from the day we signed the contract and there installation team did a very clean job. Highly recommended.”

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“These guys are great! Mike truly helped me out make decisions on which system was best for my application. Their systems engineer created my build plans so everything went smoothly with the building dept., plus the engineered build plans were done quickly and super reasonably priced. Cannot recommend anyone more highly than these guys!”