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Solar Panel Installation Companies San Jose CAReady to make the switch to solar and become energy independent? Do it by partnering with one of the leading solar panel installation companies in San Jose, California: Infinium Solar. We are a full-service solar installer and distributor serving Bay Area homeowners, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality solar systems and meticulous installation services to our customers. With us, you’ll have a long list of solar systems to choose from, including LG Solar’s line of sleek, high-performance panels.

Our Comprehensive Installation Process

At Infinium Solar, we understand that building an effective solar panel system is an intricate process, which is why we take a comprehensive approach to every solar panel installation. We will:

  • Perform calculations to determine the number of solar panels needed for your home
  • Run a simulation to identify your solar panel options, keeping in mind average energy usage and your budget
  • Come to your home for a consultation, where we will lay out your options, inspect your roof, and determine if any additional upgrades will be needed
  • Work with you and your family to design a solar panel system that looks good on your roof and provides the energy output you need
  • Complete any of the necessary upgrades—such as tree trimming or updating your electrical system—before starting the solar panel installation
  • Install your solar panels meticulously and carefully, taking our time to ensure every single panel is installed with the highest attention to detail
  • Provide you with industry-leading warranties that protect your investment

Another way we stand out from other solar panel installation companies? Our turnaround time. We can complete your job within three to four weeks, which is twice as fast as other companies.

Get Started

Contact Infinium Solar today if you want your solar panels installed by the premier company in the Bay Area. We’ll be glad to schedule a consultation at your home in San Jose, CA.

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“I have not been disappointed! Jeff has been very accommodating of my needs and answered all the questions promptly. After comparing quotes and quality with other vendors, I finalized Infinium Solar. The installation was smooth. No hassle from start to end. Highly recommended.”