Why Solar Carports with Battery Storage Are an Ideal Product for Residents in San Jose, Los Altos, CA

Solar Carports San Jose, CA

The benefits of solar power are too great to pass up. However, some residential properties lack the roof space necessary to achieve optimal solar performance through standard solar panels. If your home in San Jose or Los Altos, CA, has limited plot or roof space, or you don’t want to disrupt the aesthetic charm of your property with bulky solar panels, then consider installing a solar carport from Infinium Solar, Inc. This alternative solar panel system with a battery power storage unit utilizes the vertical space of your property without interfering with its architectural design, offering you access to all of the advantages that come with solar power regardless of space restraints.

The Benefits of Solar Carports

Because solar carports don’t require additional land, this product is an efficient solar option for virtually any property. Here are the two main benefits of solar carports:


Unlike typical solar panels, which need to be installed on either your roof or surrounding land, solar carports can be fitted to almost any vertical space. Most commonly installed over driveways or as an exterior shelter for various outdoor equipment, solar carports can adapt to the existing space and can be angled to achieve optimal solar performance.

Efficient Use of Space

A solar carport can shade vehicles from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as well as protect them from rain and other natural elements. This can prevent your cars from overheating in the summer.

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