Among Solar Panel Companies in San Jose, CA, Infinium Solar Reigns Supreme

It’s never too late to jump aboard the energy independence train, and with Infinium Solar as your conductor, you’ll reap the benefits of solar power in no time. Among solar panel companies in California, we are the leading full-service residential and commercial solar installer and distributor, having helped countless San Jose residents upgrade their properties with premium solar energy systems.

Our solar company is committed to researching and advancing our products with innovative developments for solar technologies. Dedicated to maintaining, supporting, checking, and improving our quality systems, we continue to exceed the standards demanded by our customers, offering:

Affordable Prices

We are one of the only solar energy companies in California that stocks and supplies our own products, making our wide range of premium solar power systems and related components available at the best price point for their high value.

Premium Residential & Commercial Products

In order to benefit from solar energy, you need an innovative solar system that you can trust. All of our residential and commercial solar products, and related components, are sourced from leading manufacturers in the industry – ensuring premium quality and performance. Our products include:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems
  • Solar panel carports
  • Backup batteries for power storage
  • Electric vehicle (EV) chargers

Unmatched Customer Service

Our craftsmanship is virtually unrivaled within the industry. And, our comprehensive inspection and design process ensures that every solar panel system we install is specifically tailored to the unique energy needs of each customer we serve.

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There’s no need to research other solar panel companies! Infinium Solar has all of the solar products and services you need for your San Jose home or business.


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“The Infinium team did an outstanding job from the initial estimate through installation, city inspection, and PG&E activation. My project took exactly 2 months from initial signing of the contract to PG&E Permit to operate notice. Absolutely brilliant customer service. Great responsive communications with all the teams involved with my project. I'd highly recommend this company for solar installation.”

16-year local experts at solar panel installation (rooftop and ground mount), home battery storage installing and solar carport contractors.

Now battery storage means you save more money.

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“These guys are great! Mike truly helped me out make decisions on which system was best for my application. Their systems engineer created my build plans so everything went smoothly with the building dept., plus the engineered build plans were done quickly and super reasonably priced. Cannot recommend anyone more highly than these guys!”