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San Jose, Los Altos, CA Best Solar Power Panels And/Or Home Storage Battery Installation for Homes, Businesses – (And Surrounding Cities)

1. California’s NEM 3.0 means you as a homeowner or business owner need battery storage. Our high-reviewed solar panel install company provides the leading, most popular rooftop solar and home storage battery solutions for your home residence or business. Our panels and work are guaranteed for 25 years. Talk to our team today about how you save money with us under NEM 3.0.  For solar panel installing San Jose to Los Altos, CA, with Infinium Solar, receive a huge 30% tax credit. Save substantial money with the tax credit and with our rooftop solar and home storage system.

2. We install panels on all roof types – the types that other companies won’t take on: wood shake, corrugated metal, Cal-Pac Roofing Systems, Spanish tile, curved tile, concrete tile, flat roof, steel tile, rolled composite, spray foam, stone-coated steel roofing, tar and gravel and more.

3. Excellent and close communication with our clients. From the onset to the completion of your project to follow-up and maintenance we take great pride in the quality of communication that ensures work excellence and happy clients. Top solar power companies in San Jose, Los Altos – we are among the best in product, work and customer relations.

4. We use solar panels and battery storage units from the top performing solar panel manufacturers, including the highly-regarded REC line in panels and Enphase and Franklin in battery storage. The design and engineering quality of the solar panels and battery storage is critical in your solar electric home. Up-to-date technology and unmatched expertise in this technology is what we deliver to every client’s situation.

5. Solar Panels are an excellent money-saving and environmentally-friendly investment for homeowners and with our competitive rates (which we work out closely with you) you benefit with additional savings while receiving superior service.

San Jose to Los Altos CA Rooftop Solar with Battery Storage – NEM 3 Explained in our helpful video.

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16-year local experts at solar panel installation (rooftop and ground mount), home battery storage installing and solar carport contractors.

Now battery storage means you save more money.

Contact us soon. We’ll explain how you using your own stored power saves you more money - and how it pays off your system.

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San Jose, Los Altos (all surrounding towns) solar panel electric power - unmatched technology and service for residential and commercial properties.

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A New Solar Panel System Can Lead to Tremendous Benefits
Residential Solar Panels
Let the Sun Power Your Home

Choose from a vast selection of top-of-the-line solar photovoltaic panels and complementary components to build a solar power system for your home that leads to tremendous energy savings.

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Commercial Solar Panels
Saving Money is Always Good for Business

Harness sunlight to power your business on a daily basis. Choose from a selection of high-efficiency solar PV panels, and allow our experts to construct a system that meets your electrical needs.

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San Jose, Los Altos CA Solar Panels Installation & Battery Storage For Home, Businesses
Expertly Serving All San Jose Area Towns

Home solar panels installation & battery storage backup – San Jose, Los Altos CA. PV solar power. Best brands panels, batteries. Residential or commercial businesses.

We bring our thousands of clients the best quality and craftsmanship solar power panels installing for residential homes, apartments, commercial buildings San Jose, Los Altos and all surrounding towns. Infinium Solar, Inc. is one of the leading full-service residential and commercial solar installers and distributors in California. Our company is committed to providing innovative solar power solutions to homes and businesses in the greater San Jose area. Best solar panels – we offer the leading solar panel technologies from what are considered the best photovoltaic panel engineering companies. Solar panel companies can by very good and helpful, or they can be of poor service, communication and followup. Everyday we strive to be the best solar power company in the area – in working with you, service and technologies offered, communication with our clients and deep followup on your project. We’re here to help you lower your electrical costs and become more energy independent.

We are also one of the only solar companies that stocks and supplies our own products, which include both residential solar panels and commercial solar panels, associated components such as backup battery storage units, and related products like solar panel carports and electric vehicle chargers. We make our wide range of premium solar power systems and related components available at the best price point for their value. Furthermore, we have a large showroom where our customers can seek assistance from a member of our knowledgeable staff and preview solar modules to find a system that best suits their wants and needs.

Our professional solar panel installation team is committed to completing every job with unmatched precision and our craftsmanship is virtually unrivaled within the industry. To that extent, the quality of our work is the cornerstone to our mission, which is to provide “World Wise Solutions” to local residents and business in the area. Our comprehensive inspection and design process ensures that every solar panel system we install is specifically tailored to the unique energy needs of each customer we serve. Furthermore, we are dedicated to maintaining, supporting, checking, and improving our quality systems in order to exceed the standards demanded by our customers.

Residential and commercial business solar power panel installation San Jose, Los Altos and all towns in the greater San Jose area.

Financing is available on all new residential and commercial solar panel systems.

San Jose, Los Altos CA solar power panel installation & home battery storage system.

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“Infinium Solar was a great partner in my solar system install. The prices were extremely competitive. Jeff (IS CEO) and his team are people you can trust. They were proactive is providing granular updates on schedule and got the job done as promised. The installation was done in 2 hours without any bother of commitment of my time. I had gone thru half a dozen of vendors to negotiate on price and workmanship to zero in on Infinium Solar, and they lived up to expectation.”