The Benefits of Adding a Solar Panel System to Your San Jose, CA, Home or Business

Solar Panel System San Jose, CA

“Going green” has been a popular practice for years, and many businesses and residences are participating by installing solar panel systems. Solar energy is a great place to start if you’re considering a change in your lifestyle, as it helps to reduce your carbon footprint and, potentially, your energy costs. If you’re ready to make the switch, then Infinium Solar can help. We are the leading full-service commercial and residential solar installer and distributor in California, helping San Jose residents implement premium solar power systems at their properties.

What Is Solar, and Why Should You Make the Switch?

Solar energy is harnessed through an innovative technology called photovoltaic (PV) cells, transforming the natural resource into usable electricity. This clean, renewable energy source is also incredibly beneficial for the environment, as fossil fuels are currently used to generate over half of the electricity in the U.S. – resulting in harmful emissions that can damage the environment over time. Other benefits of solar energy include:

  • Tax credits – There are federal rebates (tax credits) available to property owners in California, and Infinium Solar can help you take advantage of them.
  • Lower utility bills – Going solar can help reduce, or potentially eliminate, your monthly energy bills.
  • Improved energy efficiency ratings – Installing a solar panel system at your home or business can make it energy independent, as you are sourcing your own power.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of solar energy, contact Infinium Solar today! We have helped residents throughout San Jose find and install premium solar panel systems at their properties since 2008.

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“The Infinium team did an outstanding job from the initial estimate through installation, city inspection, and PG&E activation. My project took exactly 2 months from initial signing of the contract to PG&E Permit to operate notice. Absolutely brilliant customer service. Great responsive communications with all the teams involved with my project. I'd highly recommend this company for solar installation.”

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