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Solar Carports Campbell, CA

For many homeowners in the Campbell, CA, area, the idea of switching to solar energy is extremely appealing. It offers incredible energy-saving advantages, helps decrease your carbon footprint, and—most importantly—can reduce your monthly energy costs. While traditional, rooftop solar panels are the most popularly recognized system, they’re not always a feasible option due to various reasons—limited roof space or poor solar gain opportunity to name a few. There are, however, excellent alternative systems that can help you achieve the same benefits as typical solar energy systems without the limitations; one of the most popular solutions are solar carports.

What Are Solar Carports?

Solar carports are ground-mounted systems that take advantage of the vertical space of your property. Typically used as an outdoor shelter for cars, they can be installed and oriented in an endless variety of angels to ensure your system benefits from the ultimate amount of sunlight exposure. Other advantages of this alternative solar panel system include:

  • Adaptability – Solar carport systems are a popular option for homeowners because they provide the energy-efficient advantages of solar power without disturbing home aesthetic.
  • Efficient use of space – This is a versatile product that makes the most of the space it occupies.
  • Greater power yield – Because it can be customized to yield the ultimate amount of sunlight exposure, solar carports can generally provide more power.

If solar carports sound like a good alternative for your home, contact Infinium Solar, Inc. today! We are the leading residential solar dealer and distributor in California, making us an ideal solar technology source for homeowners in the Campbell area.

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