Campbell to Morgan Hill CA #1 Solar Power Panels Installation with Battery Storage for NEM 3.0 – Homes or Business – 30% Tax Credit

1. With NEM 3.0 we provide the best rooftop solar and home storage battery solutions for your residence or business. Talk to us today on how you save money under the NEM 3.0.  Campbell to Morgan Hill, CA, solar panels install 30% tax credit – with our expert Infinium Solar team. Save money with the tax credit and with our rooftop solar and home storage system. We install Enphase, Franklin or Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries – best brands.

2. We are expert installers for all roof types that other companies won’t take on: wood shake, corrugated metal, Cal-Pac Roofing Systems, Spanish tile, curved tile, concrete tile, flat roof, steel tile, rolled composite, spray foam, stone-coated steel roofing, tar and gravel and more.

3. Excellent and close communication with our clients. From the onset to the completion of your project to follow-up and maintenance we take great pride in the quality of communication that ensures work excellence and happy clients.

4. We use solar panels and battery storage units from the top performing solar panel manufacturers, including the highly-regarded REC line. The design and engineering quality of the solar panels and battery storage is critical in your solar electric home. Up-to-date technology and unmatched expertise in this technology is what we deliver to every client’s situation.

5. Solar Panels are an excellent money-saving and environmentally-friendly investment and with our competitive rates (which we work out closely with you) you benefit with additional savings while receiving superior service.

NEM 3 Explained: Rooftop Solar With Storage — for all Campbell or Morgan Hill Homeowners

Campbell, Morgan Hill Solar Panels Installation Company – Expertise & Warranty

Infinium Solar is one of the most tenured solar installation companies serving Campbell, California, residents, and you can count on us to provide you with a top-notch solar panel system as well as excellent installation services. We’ve been helping customers make the switch to solar for well over a decade, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

Our Extensive Installation Process

We’ve developed a detailed process for designing and installing solar systems for our customers. After all, in order for the system to work optimally for your home, the panels must be able to meet your average energy needs and be placed in ideal locations on your roof. Here’s what our process entails:

  • Having a thorough discussion with you over the phone to learn about your home, your average energy usage, your budget, and more
  • Running a simulation to identify the right solar systems for your budget and needs
  • Meeting with you at your home to examine your roof and determine if any upgrades may be needed—such as repairing shingles or trimming trees—before we begin
  • Working with you to design the right placement for your solar panels so they provide the best amount of solar intake while also being aesthetically pleasing
  • Installing your solar system with meticulous attention to detail

Our Solar Panels

As one of the leading solar installation companies in the area, we’ve partnered with some of the top names in the industry for solar panels. This includes REC, ENPHASE, Panasonic, SPAN and RESU Plus. We’re also able to offer some of the most affordable prices for these solar systems because we stock them in our warehouse, something other solar installation companies do not do.

To learn more about our solar panels and installation services, contact Infinium Solar today. We’re proud to serve homeowners and business owners in Campbell to Morgan Hill, CA.

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“I am happy to report I did pick the right company, Infinium Solar, to install the solar on my home in Willow Glen! First I would like to thank Jeff Long, Owner, who guided us along the entire process and answered all of our questions along the way. His in-house team who helped us with monitoring was great - This is a super hands on company who makes your solar installation easy! I highly recommend Infinium Solar and their entire team! Thank you!”

We offer the best, affordable solutions for NEM 3.0 solar panel installation and home battery backup systems. Backup battery used to be for power outages.

Now battery storage means you save more money.

Contact us soon. We’ll explain how you using your own stored power saves you more money - and how it pays off your system.

“I have not been disappointed! Jeff has been very accommodating of my needs and answered all the questions promptly. After comparing quotes and quality with other vendors, I finalized Infinium Solar. The installation was smooth. No hassle from start to end. Highly recommended.”