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Commercial Solar Panels San Jose, CA

Super expert, local commercial business solar panel PV installation team in San Jose to Los Altos, CA, and nearby towns. Affordable prices and a 25-year guarantee of panels, battery storage unit, and work. We offer a wide range of PV panels and other solar power system products from leading manufacturers including REC for panels, Enphase and Tesla for batteries. And, as one of the only solar companies that stocks and supplies its own products, we are able to provide the best price point on the same high-value components offered by our competitors.

Proven Commercial Solar Systems

At Infinium Solar, we are committed to helping your business excel with a new commercial solar system that can reduce your carbon footprint and lower electrical costs. In some cases, businesses can benefit from 30 percent federal rebates by installing a new PV solar system. Our most popular line of commercial solar panels is from LG Solar; however, we offer a comprehensive selection of PV solar panels and related equipment from many of the industry’s most reputable brands, thus providing our customers the opportunity to select a system that aligns with their needs and budget.

Seamless Solar Panel System Installation

When it comes to installing commercial solar systems, there are a lot of variables to consider. To ensure your business can fully reap the benefits of solar panels, our team of highly trained commercial installers and electrical engineers will visit the site to analyze the rooftop compatibility, making note of any potential obstructions such as air-conditioning units, vents, and exposed pipes. The location of the electrical room in proximity to the roof can also impact the final design, as extra wiring may be needed to connect the panels to the building’s main electrical grid. If your building isn’t applicable for rooftop installation, there are other options to consider, such as ground-mounted panels. You could also opt for solar carports to be installed in the parking area of your facility. Ideal for any commercial building that doesn’t have roof space, but does have large parking lots, solar carports can provide:

  • Shaded parking
  • Optimal solar power performance
  • Increased energy savings

Furthermore, all of our commercial jobs are completed with unmatched precision and care by our very own solar installation team. Our craftsmanship is virtually unrivaled within the industry, and our products are backed with industry-leading warranties for added peace of mind.

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial solar panels, contact Infinium Solar today. We proudly serve businesses in and around San Jose, CA and throughout the entire Bay area.

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