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How to Evaluate Solar Installation Proposals

Choosing the right solar installation proposal is critical. At Infinium Solar, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge to make informed decisions.

A comprehensive proposal should clearly outline the system’s size, the type of panels and inverters, projected energy production, costs (both upfront and over time), warranty terms, and the expected timeline for installation.

This guide will help you understand key elements to consider when evaluating solar installation proposals, emphasizing the importance of local expertise and reliability.

The Importance of Local Expertise & In-House Teams

Choosing a local company with in-house installation teams offers numerous benefits, especially if your property has specialized requirements, such as complex roofing. Local companies like Infinium Solar have strong ties to the community, which means maintaining a good reputation is crucial—this often translates into higher quality service and accountability.

Additionally, in-house teams like ours are intimately familiar with the products and installation standards in San Jose and the Bay Area at large, ensuring a higher level of consistency and reliability.

Evaluating Cost Versus Value

While going for the lowest bid might be tempting, cheaper can lead to potential long-term costs. For instance, companies that use subcontractors may not provide the same level of after-installation service, which can be crucial during a power outage or system malfunction. Similarly, less expensive components might result in lower energy production, undermining the financial benefits of your solar investment.

At Infinium Solar, we have over 15 years of experience, and our work is backed by a warranty. We utilize only the best quality products and materials, and all of our in-house technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Trust from Leading Brands

Reputable solar companies often partner with leading brands that trust them to install and service their products correctly. Infinium Solar, for instance, is a certified installer for top brands like Tesla, Franklin, REC, SPAN, and Enphase, ensuring not only the quality of the products but also the expertise of the installation.

Warnings Against Cutting Corners

Be wary of proposals that significantly undercut competitors without clear justification.

Some red flags include:

  • Lack of a physical office or local infrastructure, suggesting a lack of long-term commitment.
  • Absence of a dedicated service staff, which could lead to delays in service and support.
  • An unconvincingly long warranty period from a company with a short business history, which may indicate an unreliable guarantee.

Remember, choosing the right solar installer is about more than just comparing prices. It’s about considering the company's integrity, the quality of the components, and the reliability of service. At Infinium Solar, we provide transparent and detailed proposals to ensure our customers make informed decisions based on value and quality.

Ready to receive a solar proposal that you can trust? Contact Infinium Solar today at (650) 600-0747 or send us a message online. Let us show you how a commitment to excellence can transform your solar investment.

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