Choosing the Right Battery Backup: Comparing Tesla, Franklin, and Enphase

More Bay Area homeowners are turning to battery backup systems in the quest for energy independence and resilience. Whether it's for managing power outages or optimizing energy usage during peak hours, selecting the right battery is crucial. The leading options in our region—Tesla, Franklin, and Enphase—each offer unique benefits. Understanding your goals and the specific capabilities of these batteries will help you make an informed decision.

Defining Your Backup Goals

The first step in choosing a battery backup system is to clarify what you need it to do. If your primary goal is to maintain power during outages, you must decide which systems in your home have priority. By determining what you want to keep running, you can better understand your power needs. Critical loads typically include lighting, refrigeration, Wi-Fi, and computers. High-energy appliances like HVAC systems and washers or dryers might be desirable to run on battery power, but these require more capacity and power, which can significantly increase costs.

Understanding Battery Basics

Before exploring the specifics of each battery backup option, it's essential to grasp some fundamental concepts about how these systems operate. Knowing the basics will help you better evaluate the features and capabilities of each system.

Power and Capacity

  • Two key metrics define batteries: continuous power (measured in kilowatts, kW) and capacity (measured in kilowatt-hours, kWh). Continuous power determines what appliances you can run simultaneously, while capacity determines how long you can run them.
  • HVAC Systems: Running an HVAC system requires at least two batteries due to its high-power usage. However, an HVAC system will deplete the batteries quickly, so it may not be practical during extended outages unless you have substantial backup power.

Daily Use and Time-of-Use Optimization

In addition to emergency backup, batteries can provide financial benefits during normal operations. Utilizing battery storage can be particularly advantageous during peak utility hours, typically between 5-9 PM, when electricity rates are highest. Storing solar energy generated during the day and using it in the evening helps reduce costs and reliance on the grid.

Comparing the Bay Area’s Top Battery Options

When selecting the perfect battery backup solution for your home, understanding the differences between the top options is essential. Tesla, Franklin, and Enphase each bring distinct advantages and capabilities to the table. In the following section, we will explore the specifics of each battery to help you determine which system aligns best with your needs and goals.


  • Capacity: Each Enphase battery provides about 5 kWh.
  • Scalability: Multiple units can be combined—for example, three units offer 15 kWh, temporarily providing enough power for larger loads like an HVAC system.
  • Advantage: The modular nature of Enphase allows for greater flexibility in scaling your system to match your specific needs.

Tesla Powerwall

  • Capacity: Each unit offers 13.5 kWh.
  • Power: While one Powerwall has a similar capacity to multiple Enphase batteries, it might not deliver the same peak power as three combined Enphase units.
  • Advantage: Tesla’s Powerwall is well-integrated with other Tesla energy products and offers a sleek, all-in-one solution.


  • Capacity: Like Tesla, Franklin batteries provide substantial capacity.
  • Integration: Franklin systems are often considered for their compatibility with existing solar installations that are not limited to a specific brand.
  • Advantage: Franklin batteries are known for their robust performance and integration flexibility.

Let Infinium Solar Help You Make the Right Choice

Choosing the right battery depends on balancing your power needs with your budget. For whole-home backups that include high-power appliances, multiple smaller batteries like those from Enphase might be necessary. For comprehensive, day-to-day energy management and less intensive backup needs, a single larger battery like the Tesla Powerwall or Franklin might suffice.

When selecting a battery backup system, consider the immediate benefits during outages and the long-term savings from daily energy management. With thoughtful planning and a clear understanding of the strengths of each option, you can find the perfect solution to ensure that your home remains powered, efficient, and comfortable.

At Infinium Solar, our experienced team is ready to help when you’re ready to add a backup battery to your energy setup. Call (650) 600-0747 to schedule an appointment today.