Ground Mount or Rooftop Solar Panels for Homes in San Jose, CA to Los Altos, All Surrounding Areas

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Solar Panels for Home San Jose, CA

Best ground mount or rooftop solar panel installing for San Jose, CA, Los Altos and all surrounding areas – call us today. If you’re ready to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and take the first steps toward becoming energy independent, turn to Infinium Solar, Inc. to install solar panels for your Bay area home. As the leading full-service residential solar installer and distributor in California, we offer a wide range of affordable solar PV products from leading manufacturers and are constantly researching new solar technologies to provide our customers with systems that exceed the industry standards.

Finding the Perfect Solar Panels for Your Home

At Infinium Solar, we have an extensive inspection and design process, ensuring every solar panel system we install works in tandem with the unique needs of the customers we serve in San Jose and all surrounding areas. Our engineers will perform required calculations to determine the number of panels needed to yield optimal solar power, as well as use FirstPass software and Google Earth/PV sketch to identify available roof space for flawless system implementation. We also run algorithmic simulations that can allow customers to review their systems’ anticipated solar production. In short, we take the time to communicate with and educate our customers, so that they can rest assured they’re receiving the best systems for their needs.

Our leading residential solar panels, from REC Solar, are available in many aesthetically pleasing styles — our most popular being black on black. However, we carry a robust line of solar PV panels in order to meet the needs of all homeowners throughout San Jose and the Bay Area. Additionally, our product inventory includes many complementary solar panel system components, including backup battery storage units. These devices can optimize the performance of any solar panel system by storing power for later use on cloudy days, during power outages, or at night during “phased power shifting” from electric companies.

Furthermore, we are one of the only residential solar companies that stocks and supplies our own products, which allows us to offer our products at a much lower cost than our competitors. And, all of our products are backed by industry-leading warranties for added peace of mind.

Professional Solar Panel Installation From Our In-House Experts

When it comes to ground mount solar panel systems (or roof mount on all roof types), proper installation is necessary to ensure that your panels are receiving as much solar intake as possible. At Infinium Solar, our professional installation team is dedicated to completing every job with unmatched precision and our craftsmanship is virtually unrivaled within the industry. Our residential solar panel technicians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and complete every job with the utmost care and precision. Before installation, our in-house team will also take the time to carefully inspect your property to determine the ideal spot to install your solar panels. We can provide ground mount installs and installation on multi-carport structures – which we also can build – to satisfy unique PV system installation preferences.

If you’re interested in learning about our residential solar panels and installations for your home, contact Infinium Solar today. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to exceed the highest expectations with every project we complete. We proudly serve San Jose and surrounding Bay area communities. Infinium Solar 3277 S. White Rd #48 San Jose, CA 95148

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“I am happy to report I did pick the right company, Infinium Solar, to install the solar on my home in Willow Glen! First I would like to thank Jeff Long, Owner, who guided us along the entire process and answered all of our questions along the way. His in-house team who helped us with monitoring was great - This is a super hands on company who makes your solar installation easy! I highly recommend Infinium Solar and their entire team! Thank you!”

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“I have not been disappointed! Jeff has been very accommodating of my needs and answered all the questions promptly. After comparing quotes and quality with other vendors, I finalized Infinium Solar. The installation was smooth. No hassle from start to end. Highly recommended.”