Best Gilroy to Menlo Park, CA, NEM 3.0 solar panels & battery storage installation for clay tile, Cal-Pac, metal, flat roofs, cement tile, Spanish tile, composite roofing – expert ground mount solar too.

1. Specialty roof to superior ground mount and flat roof solar – homes or businesses. Best NEM 3.0 rooftop solar and battery storage unit installing for home or business. Cal-Pac, metal and flat roofs, cement tile, composite roofing solar panel installation takes a very experienced team that is expert in installing photovoltaic panels on specialty roofs. Almost all local companies don’t handle these types of roofs, or aren’t able to do the best job. For Gilroy to Menlo Park, California specialty roof solar power installation – call us today.

2. 30% Solar Tax Credit for you with Infinium Solar. We do solar panel installation for these varieties of roofs: Cal-Pac Roofing System, Spanish tile, corrugated metal, stone coated steel roofing, metal roofing, curved tile, concrete (cement) tile, rolled composite (composition roof), spray foam, standing seam metal, steel tile, tar and gravel, wood shake. Call us to talk over your special roof situation for your home or commercial business.

3. Our management and team have been designing and installing special roof solar power systems for  combined decades. This gives us extraordinary insight into local conditions, construction materials and techniques for mounting for roofs of residences, apartments, condos, retail stores and other business or commercial buildings.

NEM 3 Explained: Rooftop Solar With Storage — Your Smart Choice for All San Jose Area Homeowners

Gilroy, Menlo Park, CA Ground Mount or Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation For Homes and Businesses

Flat roof solar panel installation San Jose to Los Gatos.Flat roof and ground mount solar panels for Menlo Park and Gilroy is among our expert specialty installations. Flat roof and ground mount solar power panels require specific studies, support engineering and a team that fully understands the demands of this type of solar panel placement. Part of our skills are determining the optimum angle and orientation for your flat roof or ground mount panels for the best sun power collecting performance. We use all the latest technology for our pre-installation work, plus the latest in solar panel technology (REC and select other manufacturers) and our extraordinarily detailed installation procedures.

Commercial Business Specialty Roof, Flat Roof or Ground Mount Solar Power Panels

San Jose Los Gatos Cal-Pac Roofing System, composite roofing, cement and Spanish tile.For all commercial buildings solar photovoltaic power system installs in the Gilroy to Menlo Park areas, please call us soon to talk over the specifics of your project. Our management team brings to the table the deepest experience available for projects involving flat roofs, ground mount panels and special materials roofs. For all retail store businesses (small to large), offices and office buildings, apartments, condos, manufacturing plant facilities or whatever your business involves, please get in touch with us soon.

The Optimum Performing Solar Panels For Your Project

At Infinium Solar, we have an extensive inspection and design process, ensuring every solar panel system we install works in tandem with the unique energy needs of the customers we serve. Our electrical engineers will perform required calculations to determine the number of panels needed to yield optimal solar power, as well as use FirstPass software and Google Earth/PV sketch to identify available roof space for flawless system implementation. We also run algorithmic simulations that can allow customers to review their systems’ anticipated solar production. In short, we take the time to communicate with and educate our customers, so that they can rest assured they’re receiving the best systems for their needs.

Our leading residential solar panels, from REC Solar, are available in many aesthetically pleasing styles — our most popular being black on black. However, we carry a robust line of solar PV panels in order to meet the needs of all homeowners in Menlo Park and Gilroy. Additionally, our product inventory includes many complementary solar panel system components, including backup battery storage units. These devices can optimize the performance of any solar panel system by storing power for later use on cloudy days, during power outages, or at night during “phased power shifting” from electric companies.

Furthermore, we are one of the only residential solar companies that stocks and supplies our own products, which allows us to offer our products at a much lower cost than our competitors. And, all of our products are backed by industry-leading warranties for added peace of mind.

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We offer the best, affordable solutions for NEM 3.0 solar panel installation and home battery backup systems. Backup battery used to be for power outages.

Now battery storage means you save more money.

Contact us soon. We’ll explain how you using your own stored power saves you more money - and how it pays off your system.

“I have not been disappointed! Jeff has been very accommodating of my needs and answered all the questions promptly. After comparing quotes and quality with other vendors, I finalized Infinium Solar. The installation was smooth. No hassle from start to end. Highly recommended.”