25 Years of Peace of Mind

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The Infinium Solar Warranty

When investing in a solar system, one of the top concerns for many is whether the company they choose will stand the test of time to support their warranty claims. With Infinium Solar, you get more than just a promise; you get a proven track record of stability and commitment.

Our comprehensive 25-year warranty isn’t just a statement of quality—it's backed by our 16 years of continuous service in the solar industry.

Our Legacy & Commitment

Infinium Solar has been a stalwart in the Bay Area for over a decade and a half, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to local communities. Unlike many companies that may only plan for the short term, Infinium Solar has consistently grown year over year.

Our approach is rooted in sustainability and long-term customer relationships rather than transient business gains. This growth and stability testify to our sound business model and dedication to being there for our customers.

The Infinium Solar Warranty Explained

Our 25-year warranty covers all solar installation parts and labor, ensuring that any system failures or underperformance issues during this period are resolved without additional cost. This extensive warranty period surpasses the standard 20-year coverage provided by many manufacturers.

Thanks to our status as a REC Pro Trusted installer—a recognition only given to those with a long-standing, reliable partnership with REC—we can extend a full 25-year warranty on REC products, enhancing the value we offer to our customers.

You Can Rely on Us

While some companies in the solar industry subcontract their work, leading to uncertainties about future service and warranty claims, Infinium Solar does not. Our in-house team handles every aspect of our operations, ensuring consistent and reliable service.

This direct control over our installations and customer service means we are well-prepared to support our warranties fully. Our business model and operational strategies are designed for today and for the decades to come.

Real-Life Assurance

To illustrate our commitment, consider the story of a Bay Area homeowner whose inverter failed five years after installation. Under our warranty, we replaced it swiftly, at no additional cost. This homeowner's experience, shared on Google My Business, underscores our dedication to fulfilling our promises, highlighting the peace of mind our customers enjoy.

Are You Considering Solar?

Choosing Infinium Solar means investing in a future-proof solar solution. Our 25-year warranty is more than a guarantee—it reflects our integrity and commitment to support you for the long haul. With Infinium Solar, you are choosing a partner that will be by your side today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Are you ready for a reliable solar solution with a solid warranty backed by a trusted provider? Contact us online or call (650) 600-0747 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. With Infinium Solar, you’re not just installing solar panels; you’re investing in a sustainable partnership.

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