Customer Stories

customer stories

Real-Life Experiences with Infinium Solar

Choosing a solar installation company is a significant decision. At Infinium Solar, we believe that our customers' experiences and satisfaction paint the most accurate picture of our commitment to quality and service.

Below, we offer some genuine testimonials that reflect our impact in the Bay Area.

The Power of Local Expertise & Proactive Service

Angela H. appreciated our proactive approach: "Infinium Solar installed the panels on a new construction that I purchased. They were super proactive in working with me and PG&E to ensure I received the credits. The installation was done professionally and integrates well with the home."

Comprehensive Knowledge & Customer Support

Bri S., after evaluating multiple companies, chose us for our comprehensive knowledge: "I interviewed 3 different solar companies and chose Infinium for numerous reasons. First off, Perry, our salesperson, was the most knowledgeable about the entire process from start to finish."

Fast & Efficient Service

Jason W. was impressed by our ability to meet tight deadlines: "We were thinking to install solar for some time; however, we did not really start looking for a company until it was one week away from the NEM2.0 deadline. Infinium was suggested by a friend, and they were quick to help us meet the deadline efficiently."

Local & Personal Service

Rosanna H. chose us for our local presence and personal touch: "I chose Infinium Solar after extensive research. I was looking for a locally owned small business to support and a company that I could walk into and get personal service, should there be any issues."

Handling Complex Installations

Felix F. noted our expertise with complex situations: "Infinium took great care of both our commercial property and our residential property with a complex roofing situation."

Community Impact & Technical Expertise

Doris B. praised our interactive approach and technical execution: "Sales staff were knowledgeable and responsive. The design process was interactive and incorporated our requests. The installation was completed efficiently."

We Are Ready to Serve You

These stories from Angela, Bri, Jason, Rosanna, Felix, and Doris demonstrate the peace of mind and satisfaction that come from choosing Infinium Solar. Our commitment to providing high-quality service and building strong community relationships continues to drive positive experiences and customer loyalty.

We offer a complete range of residential and commercial solar services, including:

Learn the Infinium Solar Difference

Join the family of satisfied Infinium Solar customers and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our website to read more customer stories, or call us at (650) 600-0747 to start your solar journey. Let us help you make a change—for your home, business, and community.

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