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Infinium Solar technician installing solar panels

Why Our In-House Crews Make a Difference

At Infinium Solar, we pride ourselves on the expert service our in-house crews deliver. Our teams are thoroughly trained and deeply familiar with our high standards and processes. This familiarity translates into installations that are efficient and tailored to each property's unique needs.

Additionally, by keeping all work in-house, we avoid the variability in quality often seen with subcontracted labor. Always working with our own crews ensures that everyone working on your project is fully accountable to Infinium Solar's standards.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with a company like Infinium Solar that does not subcontract work.

Consistency & Reliability

Our in-house teams provide unmatched consistency in service. Each team member is vetted and trained to handle the specific challenges of solar installation, from complex roof layouts to integrating advanced battery systems. When every job is executed with the same expertise and attention to detail, our customers enjoy better outcomes and greater overall satisfaction.

Case Study: Handling Complex Projects

Consider the installation we completed for a local business with a challenging roof design. Our in-house team was able to design a custom solution that maximized solar exposure while preserving the integrity of the roof structure. The project was completed on schedule, with minimal disruption to the business, showcasing our capability to handle complex installations that other companies might turn away.

Successful solar installations like this one are largely due to the long-term consistency within our team of installers, many of whom have been working for us for years. The level of quality that is standard to every job Infinium Solar completes is difficult to achieve without a consistent, reliable team of solar installers attuned to working together even on the most complex projects.

Long-Term Accountability

Because our crews are part of the Infinium Solar family, they have a vested interest in the success of every installation. With a strong sense of accountability inherent in every team member, we are all motivated to go the extra mile, ensuring that your solar system performs optimally over its entire lifespan.

If issues arise, such as unexpected hail damage or normal wear and tear, the same team that installed your system will address them, providing a continuity of service that can't be matched by companies using subcontractors.

We Have Been Serving Local Bay Area Communities Since 2008

Our in-house teams are more than just employees; they are specialists who embody Infinium Solar's core values and commitment. By relying on our own experienced crews, we can ensure high levels of customer service every time, no matter the job. Whether you're a homeowner looking to be less reliant on the local power grid or a commercial property owner wanting to boost your EV charging capacity for your tenants, we have the skills, experience, and technicians to get the job done.

Experience the Infinium Solar difference with our skilled in-house teams. Visit our website or contact us at (650) 600-0747 to learn how our seasoned approach to solar installation can benefit you. Let us handle your solar needs with the care and expertise they deserve.

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